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Discover how the Advantage of a Lease Purchase can work for You!

Are you looking to sell your home quickly or rent your home quickly? Maybe you are having trouble selling your home, finding quality tenant/buyers or need immediate relief from your mortgage payment. Maybe you want to buy a house but are having problems qualifying for a home loan. I can offer both sellers and buyers an unique viable alternative to conventional home purchasing. I offer solutions to your real estate needs. It is called lease purchasing or better known as "rent to own" if you are a buyer or "rent to sell" if you are a seller. These are very powerful concepts in real estate that are often overlooked. I am a lease purchase specialist who can quickly assist you in the world of lease purchasing. I can assist you in selling, buying or investing in real estate that is safer and easier with a lease purchase contract. You may be asking yourself "What is a Lease Purchase"? Well a lease purchase is a contract that combines a basic lease contract with an option to purchase a property but not the obligation. In simple terms: Rent to Own! I will also tell you what a lease purchase is not. It is not a no money down, pay some rent and own a home. But it has great advantages for buyers. If you are having issues with renters, selling your home or problems purchasing a home I can honestly and quickly assist you with your needs. I can help you in a variety of ways. Discover how a lease purchase can work for you. Let me name just a few:

    • Selling your home for top dollar, even if demand is low for your property.
    • Seller/Landlords property can usually be moved within 30 days or less. No more paying on vacant properties!
    • Sellers save 4-8% on Real Estate commissions. That could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.
    • Typically no out of pocket expenses selling your home and I can usually put money in your pocket. Get Positive Cash Flow!
    • Attracting reliable tenants who PAY ON TIME and who display pride in ownership as if it were their own.
    • Virtually eliminating all risks associated with landlording. Peace of mind!
    • As a seller you are never worrying about basic home maintenance headaches again.
    • Puts your property on Automatic-Pilot. I love that term.
  • Buyer/Tenants have their rent payment work for them for once. Very Powerful!
  • Getting into a home with a minimal down payment no matter what credit problems you may have.
  • Maximize your buying power to more easily afford your dream home.
  • Time to shop for and obtain the best financing.
  • Obtaining ultimate security and privacy for you and your family.
  • Maximize leverage and minimize cash out of your pocket.
  • Purchase price is usually locked-in ahead of time (prior to close of escrow).

In most cases I do not have a house in your area that meets your exact requirements but I do help people all over the country like yourself, find homes that they can rent to own. If you are a little motivated to improve your current living situation I can assist you. My goal is to coach/consult/mentor/hold your hand if you will until you find a home in less than 60 days that you can rent to own. You won't find someone that will give you that type of commitment. I call it mutual accountability. If that is something that interests you let me know and I would be more than happy to discuss how I can be of value to you. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own their own home. Get your FREE report below.


  • Opening the doors for Realtors to the largest market of buyers and sellers available and possibly never losing another deal.
  • I will include essential clauses in your lease purchase contract to protect your interest.
  • Customized contracts to protect your interests. I do not recommend using generic contracts. I know what works!
  • Viable Lease Purchase/option solutions to your real estate needs. Honestly!

I take pride in maintaining a commitment to meet or exceed my customers needs and expectations with my service. I want to add value to buyer/tenants and seller/landlords to where by they are completely satisfied. I do the work so you don't have to. If you require more information about lease purchasing then read the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and then please contact me. You may never know how much value I can be to you unless you let me evaluate your situation. Seller/Landlords please complete the Sell a Property for a FREE analysis.

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